Author Guidelines

The author who will submit the manuscript to Archicentre should follow the following guidelines.

  1. The manuscript sent to Archicentre is an unpublished article to another journal and an author's original work (not the result of plagiarism).
  2. The manuscript is a research result of architecture by the focus and scope of Archicentre. 
  3. The manuscript consists of a title, author's name accompanied by the affiliated institution name and the email correspondence, abstract, introduction, research method, result and discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.
  4. The title must be clear, concise, representative of the manuscript's content, and written in Indonesian and English.
  5. The abstract contains a maximum of 300 words and consists of only one paragraph that contains the objective, method, and research result. Representative keywords accompany the abstract. Both are written in Indonesian and English.
  6. The introduction contains the background, rationality, and/or urgency of the research and research objective. The introduction is written narratively in paragraphs. The source of citation clearly indicates the author's name and the publication year.
  7. The research method contains research type, time and place of research, target, research subject, procedure, instrument, the technique of data analysis, and other matters relating to the way of research. According to its position, if some procedures or steps are sequential, it can be given the notation (numbers or letters).
  8. The result and discussion are the unity that explains the data from research (the discussion is written inherent with the data being discussed) and focuses on the data obtained in answering the research objectives or answering why the facts are found in the data.
  9. The conclusion is generalizable findings according to the research problem/objectives and may also be a recommendation for the next step.
  10. The template writes the bibliography of Archicentre. Preferably the manuscript that has more than 50% of the journal literature.
  11. The maximum page of the manuscript is 10 pages using Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) on A4 size paper by following the template of Archicentre. The link of journal template:
  12. The manuscript is typed using single Times New Roman-11, single space among rows, and in one column. The page layout as follows: upper margin2.5 cm; lower margin 2.5 cm; left margin 3 cm; right margin 2.5 cm; header from top 2.5 cm; footer from bottom 1.25 cm; and the distance between columns 1 cm.

Archicentre's reviewers will review the manuscript submitted to Archicentre in blind peer-review for the feasibility assessment of article publication.